News & Spoiler

Bugko bring together more than 40 players’ favorite MTG news sources. Get all latest MTG news and spoilers happening right now inside the app. With push notification, you surely will never miss a single important news update from your favorite news channels. Latest spoiled card? Bugko got you covered.

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Powerful Search Engine

How you want to search for the cards you want? Search using name, type, ability, color, converted mana cost, power, border or frame? Bugko enable you to search using 23+ card’s properties. All with auto-complete to make your search easier.

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Full Offline Card Database

All sets / editions release on paper Magic / online Magic are available in Bugko. This includes all promo cards released on paper Magic as well. All card’s ability, specify rulings, reprint in other sets, legality in each format, language it printed, etc are always available without the need of Internet connection.

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Latest Card’s Price

Get all latest card’s prices directly from TCG Player or Magic Card Market inside Bugko and buy them on-line any time, any where. Bugko came build-in with an auto currency converter. It support more than 30 different currencies.

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DCI Profile

Always forgot your DCI number? Why not let Bugko remember your DCI number and help you keep track of your seasonal and yearly point. It can even keep track all your team members’ DCI numbers and points as well.

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