Are you a Magic judge? Bugko has tools specially designed for judges. Scripted draft timer, IPG reference, offline comprehensive rule with complete search functionality inside etc.

Many of the features in Bugko are carefully designed to cater to the needs of judges as well. For example an offline card database, card text in multiple languages, judge blog or news update and more. Great for judges that travel around the world for events.


Quick References

The judge handbook is the best way to get a quick reference when you need something simple and quick. It is designed to fit as much information into a piece of A4 paper as possible. A mobile app should do better that, because phone / tablet wasn’t constrained by the paper size and black / white printing.

Bugko capture all information inside the handbook, rearrangement, redesign and fit them natively into the app. If you need further information, just click on the list and it will bring you to CR rule or details IPG explanation. Judges requested a quick reference for penalty write up format for WER vs. WLTR, Bugko heard that and deliver that into it as well.


Searchable Offline Comprehensive Rule

Offline comprehensive rule feature? Check! Comprehensive rule is powerful but some time can be overloaded when you just need that specified rule. Searching on compressive rule can be very tricky especially most app only support very basic search on compressive rule. Sometime basic search just isn’t good enough. If you are searching for “exile” + “owner”, you probably won’t get any result.

Bugko support search for both exact and any keywords you entered. For example searching “exile owner” will give you result contains “exile” and “owner”. Result with “exile owner” connected will be given higher priority and display first. All found keyword will be automatically highlighted to let you focus on the result you want.


Complete Offline Infraction Procedure Guide

If IPG reference inside Quick Refernece aren’t enough. Bugko included the full IPG document inside the app with build-in filter function to look for certain keyword easily. It can even directly link from reference for quick details during a judge call.


Scripted Draft Timer

Recent tournament rule changes which make draft review period from 30/45 to 60/90. This changes break most of the draft timer in available in existing MTG apps. Besides, many draft timer app is designed for experienced judges, without any help or script to guide judge what to instruct the player, it can be a panic moment for inexperience judges during called draft.

Inspired by the draft timer created by Denis Sokolov, Bugko added a draft timer feature with script to guide judge step by step what to instruct / announce to player when call for draft. No more panicking top-8 draft call out moment. Bugko support all 3 draft types included in tournament rule document, which is Individual Draft, 2HG Draft and Team Rochester Draft. It also included both 14 cards and 15 cards option (important for 2HG draft call).


Multiple Tournament Timers

Did you ever placed to floor judge multiple side events in a GP, where all round’s end time written on the paper. Are you going to do the math calculation every time player ask how much time left? Or try to set a timer using the end time on your phone?

Bugko added a simple countdown timer that capable to track multiple countdown at the same time. Got an end time instead of duration? Let the app do the math for you. Forget the time required for deck construction? Let the app do that for you too.


Other Judge Tools

  • Offline Documents
  • Decklist Counter