How you want to search for the cards you want? Search using name, type, ability, color, converted mana cost, power, border or frame? Bugko enable you to search using 23+ card’s properties. All with auto-complete to make your search easier.

Simple & Powerful

Bugko is designed with a simple yet powerful user interface to let player filter the card’s properties base on their needs. It can handle complex search involving multiple conditions such as looking for all lands that can fit into your 3 colors commander deck or all 4 CMC below merfolk creature cards in Standard format.

The following card’s properties are search-able by the search engine built in Bugko:

  • Name (n.)
  • Type (t.)
  • Text / Ability / Oracle (o.)
  • Color (c.)
  • Color Mana (cm.)
  • Color Identity (ci.)
  • Converted Mana Cost (cmc.)
  • Format (f.)
  • Set / Edition (s.)
  • Rarity (r.)
  • Mana Generated (mg.)
  • Power (pow.)
  • Toughness (tou.)
  • Loyalty (loy.)
  • Flavor (fl.)
  • Watermark (w.)
  • Artist (a.)
  • Number (num. / no.)
  • Border (b.)
  • Frame (fr.)
  • Layout (l.)
  • Reserved List (re.)
  • Finish Availability (fa.)


Syntax Search

Are you are power user that search using syntax like Magic Card Info or Scryfall? You can do the same on Bugko, but even better. Bugko improved the syntax to work better on smaller screen device with limited keyboard. Furthermore, with auto-complete and suggestion features, Bugko make syntax search much faster and easier.

Below are a few examples:

t.merfolk cmc<=4 r.u
Search for uncommon merfolk type cards with converted mana cost below or equal 4 (type equal merfolk + converted mana cost less than or equal 4 + rarity equal uncommon).

c.r f.standard
Search for red color cards that is valid in Standard format (color equal red + format equal standard).

o.lifelink s.ori
Search for cards with lifelink ability in Magic Origin set (Oracle contain lifelink and set equal Magic Origin).