5.4.1 Update: Dominaria

The long awaited Dominaria is here. We have just updated the database to include all those sweet and new legendary. We also rebuild the whole database due to the massive changes of oracle text, for example the Planeswalker Damage Redirection. Yes, all those cards with “target player” receive some oracle text change, make sure you check them out.

A quick update for this time, while we work on being more features into the app. Remember to update the app before heading to the Dominaria pre-release event. Enjoy and have an awesome pre-release weekend.

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5.4.0 Update: Collection Import & Export

We have received multiple requests for collection import & export features ever since we release the Binder, Trade and Wish features. As our promise to continue improve the app, we have include collection import and export features in this release. We have included a basic export format: deck builder. Feel free to tell us which other formats to support so we can include them in the future.

We have enable EXACT condition on Card Search page user interface after support NOT condition. Now you can search using AND, OR, NOT and EXACT condition to get the cards you want much easily through the user interface. If you prefer the quick syntax search, the exact is supported since day 1. The syntax is similar with Magic Card Info and Srcyfall.

2 new news channels are added: Rhystic Studies and Kitchen Table Magic. Rhystic Studies by Sam produced some of the most amazing video about the art in Magic card. The details of his research work and image / video editing is simply amazing. Here are a few of our favorite videos from Rhystic Studies: Framing 25 Years of Magic, The Magic Art of Vincent Proce, and The Magic Art of Terese Nielsen. While most of the news channels are about game strategy or MTG financial, Kitchen Table Magic by Sam Tang is a podcast all about Magic community and people. Check out the podcast for some very interesting interview with players. Remember to subscribe to those news channels to get latest update through push notification any time a new video or podcast is posted.

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5.3.6 Update: Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors

Database is updated and ready for new up coming release of Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors. With feedback from users, we now enable ‘OR’, ‘AND’ & ‘NOT’ search condition in basic card search. Previously, you can do it through syntax search only. Just click and hold on the condition you want, you then can choose to use ‘OR’, ‘AND’ / ‘NOT’. This enable search such as artifact but not creature much easily.

As you all might known, we are focus heavily on improving the performance of the app for the last few release. In this release, you should notice the card search performance improved dramatically on large result set. We also put a lot of focus on making sure Binder, Trade and Wish can handle large collection of cards.

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5.3.4 & 5.3.5 Update: Bugs Fix

We would like to apologize for any inconvenient caused by our last update especially on iOS that wiped the collection in Binder and Wish. We are working our best to release update and fix as quickly as we can to address all issues reported to us. It is very challenging for us to support all platforms at the same time. We appreciate all the help and bug reported summited to us. If you have any problem or question regarding the app, feel free to contact us anytime.

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5.3.3 Update: Performance Fine Tune + Bugs Fix

There go the whole Dominaria spoiler hype in just one day. Oh well, let’s move on.

In this release, we have spend a lot of time fine tunning the app’s performance. You should notice that card search is now faster and it can handle huge list of binder or wish list much faster than before. It is tough to optimize the app’s performance multiple platforms and a cross different variety of phone especially Android phone. The app will never beat many other MTG apps out there in term of performance due to many additional features such as multi-language, in-depth database and heavy image + animation to create a great experience for our users, but we are doing our best to keep up and make sure it run as smooth as possible on all device.

The news channel will add another new members base on our users’ recommendation: Snapcardster. Wait, aren’t they are our competitor? Yes, but they also have some great article analyzing current game meta / insight of the game. Remember to click subscribe in News page in order to receive the latest update from them. If you have any website you would like to recommend, feel free to drop us a message.

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5.3.0 – 5.3.2 Update: Masters 25 + Collection Redesign

Did you enjoy Masters 25 spoilers? Although the master set will be released on 16 March, we already have our database ready for you in the latest update. All with TCGPlayer and Magic Card Market price ready.

This update also bring binder, trade and wish features into iOS and UWP platform. It can easily help keep track of your collection and wish list on the go. Got cards with artist signed? altered art? mint? heavily played? Japanese languages? foil or not foil? Bugko can help you keep track of all those minor details without worry. Android and Windows Phone platform will also have the new redesign user interface on those 3 features as well.

The news channel will add another 2 new members base on our users’ recommendation: The Rogue Deckbuilder and Eternal Magic. Remember to click subscribe in News page in order to receive the latest update from those channels. If you have any website you would like to recommend, feel free to drop us a message.

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5.2.1 & 5.2.2 Update: Bug Fixes + Modern Ban List Update

A quick update to fix some of the bugs we found so far and also the most important Modern ban list update. Welcome Jace, the Mind Sculptor to the modern format and welcome back Bloodbraid Elf to the modern world as well. We are working on a big update on next release (hopefully) but before that, dev will take a short break for Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and remember, you can help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players.

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5.2.0 Update: Multi-Languages Card Search & Draft Timer Improvement

Introducing multi-languages search where you can search card name using the languages you want. This feature is requested by many users who own and play Magic in language other than English. It can be a very challenging when looking for a card you know it’s name in specify language but you totally forget it’s name in English.

The feature is off by default and can turn it on in the settings. For your information, syntax search is not supported in non-English search. Once you type the card name in search, auto-complete will kick in and suggest card name accordingly. This should make search using any language much easier.


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5.1.3 Update: CR, MTR & IPG Update

A new year, new set release, new standard ban list, which mean a bunch of judge documents and database got updated. We are keeping track all those document and list to make sure judges and players have the latest documents and rules for their references. Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedure Guide all have updated. We also rebuild the whole database due to the oracle and type changes in some of the cards we mention in previous post. Yes, all oracle text you get from the app is the latest and fresh from gatherer.

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Removal of Magic Spoiler from News Channel

We are sad to announced that Magic Spoiler will be removed from Bugko. You may have notice that the app no longer receive any spoiler / news update from Magic Spoiler since Rivals of Ixalan spoiler season started. This is because Magic Spoiler decided to block our server’s IP address from accessing their spoiler / news / website. No reason was given.

We have tried to contact with them multiple times to understand and resolve the issue, but so far they never replied our message. It is a sad decision and a big lost for our users. We respect each website owner’s decision, even though we can easy workaround the problem by changing our server’s IP address.

From next version release, players won’t be able to access previous spoilers / news in Magic Spoiler from the app nor you can receive any spoiler / news from them. We are still open to the possibility of working together with Magic Spoiler if they wish to talk with us any time in the future.

You can still get all your spoiler real time update with notification from MTG Salvation and Mythic Spoiler.