The Oracle Has Fallen

As a long time player and judge, we always take card information and oracle text from Gatherer as the default and trusted source. That is the reason why Bugko card database is build base on card information available in Gatherer. The low maintenance effort from Wizards and many problems that plagued on Gatherer has forced us to reevaluate whatever Gatherer is still suitable as the reliable source of the card information / oracle text.

Here are a few problems that long reported by player yet Gatherer / Wizards take no action to fix them.

The worse? The report link in Gatherer are also broken! Voicing and feedback through Twitter does nothing to fix the problem.

After much consideration, we have decided to move away from Gatherer as the source of the cards database. We will rebuild Bugko offline database base on Scryfall which we think it has the best community support. It will be a painful process and required a lot of effort on development to do so. Please bare with us while we go through this painful transition. It must be done in order to give our users, players and judges the most accurate and up-to-dated card information and oracle text in their game and judging duty.


2 thoughts on “The Oracle Has Fallen

  1. When will the bug with the cloud be resolved? Haven’t been able to sync the app with the pc for months because no cloud can connect!


    1. Sorry for the trouble. Are you using Android? We have some problems with the library we are using and no solution so far. The only possible way is to rewrite everything which is another big project.


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