7.2.0: Midnight Hunt + New Features

Werewolf, vampire or angel? It is Innistrad: Midnight Hunt update. It is not just a regular set update, it is an update packed with a lot of new features and improvement. Ready to check out what new in this release? Let’s go.

Let’s start with the cards database. This release included the latest set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander. There is also a bunch of banlist update: Pauper, Historic, Tiny Leader, Commander, Duel Commander and Canadian Highlander. Apparently Tiny Leader format is not dead yet. Oh, Standard rotation too!

We are very proud of the card search capability in Bugko and now it is getting better than before. Now you can search cards with X mana cost. If you are building devotion deck and looking for card with highest devotion first, then you can now sort the card result according to card mana cost devotion. Or maybe you want to update your 2 years old commander deck and looking for cards that are printed recently, then you can sort the card result according the first printed date. Yes, it is a very useful way to look through card when you update your deck.

Are you still using converted mana cost instead of mana value? So do we, but we don’t want to confuse any new player, so now all converted mana cost label will updated to mana value / converted mana cost. Win win for everyone. Oh, talking about mana value / converted mana cost, they can be very confusing when involve split card, so we added total mana value / total converted mana cost in card details when relevant to help educate player about this.

Day / night token card to keep track day / night in game? How about a newly added day night counter in life counter that help to track that instead. One extra tips: to reset the day night counter to either day nor night, just long press on the counter. A slight visual changes on Monarch and City’s Blessing counter, they no longer show the ON / OFF text. They are replaced with different icon to represent ON / OFF status.

With the release modal double faced cards and adventure cards, analyze a decklist can become very challenging. What is the actual land count? Decklist and graphwill now take into consideration of modal double faced card, adventure card, aftermath card and split card when showing the total number. We believe this will significantly help in understanding the card type / land count / mana curve in deck.

There are still a lot other enhancement and bug fixes we don’t have time to write in details. Please read the changelog for more details information.


End of Support

We no longer support Android device that is running on KitKat (version 19) and Windows device that is running on version 10.0.16299. Make sure you update your Android device to at least Lollipop (version 21) or Windows device to at least version 10.0.17763 in order to continue receive the latest update of the app.

Help / Support / Connect with Us

The app still have a relative low number of user in iOS and Android platform. If you think this app is helpful, please help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players. If you think the app is not working as it intended, please report to us via in-app feedback or drop us an e-mail or tweet any time.

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page or tweet to us @bugkoapp.


  • [New] Decklist / graph in deck details now will include modal double faced card, adventure card, split card or aftermath card quantity in related card type / mana value sort.
  • [New] Decklist in deck details now support showing card that is marked as foil.
  • [New] Add sort by devotion / first print date option in card search result.
  • [New] Support X in Mana Cost card search.
  • [New] Support day night tracking in life counter.
  • [Enhancement] Support decklist import with empty line as starting entry of sideboard card.
  • [Enhancement] Improve name matching in decklist / collection import.
  • [Enhancement] Add total mana value / convert mana cost to card details to help show the combined / actual mana value for split card / aftermath card.
  • [Update] Update card database to include Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander.
  • [Update] Update Pauper, Historic, Tiny Leader, Commander, Duel Commander and Canadian Highlander banlist.
  • [Changes] Add mana value keyword to all converted mana cost keyword in app.
  • [Changes] Collection / deck card will show language according to language display in previous view.
  • [Changes] Option in card search result will not automatically close after select.
  • [Changes] Color Mana is renamed as Mana Cost.
  • [Changes] Exclude unselected color syntax changed from ‘X’ to ‘E’.
  • [Bug] Fix some modal double faced card marked as double faced card.
  • [Bug] Fix some modal double faced card have incorrect mana value / converted mana cost or color identity.
  • [Bug] Fix card with devoid ability have incorrect color identity.
  • [Bug] Fix decklist import show incorrect total card count for mainboard and sideboard.
  • [Bug] Fix card board display incorrect value after switching to all properties.
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect search result due to additional space in search syntax.
  • [Bug] Fix adventure is not shown in card search layout list.
  • [Bug] Fix show art variation in card details full image doesn’t close the image to show art variation correctly.
  • [Bug] Fix modal double faced card / split card / aftermath card incorrect legality in Tiny Leader format.
  • [Bug] Fix additional symbol / character in Mystery Booster (Playtest Cards) card’s ability.


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