5.9.3 Update: Bug Fixes

Thank you everyone who reported the problems / bugs found in the app directly to us. We appreciate all the help provided to us. We have fixed a few bugs related with Dropbox is not working correctly in Android and UWP platforms. They should be working now and the sync status should be reflecting correctly as well. Deck slowness issue when price is loading is fixed. We are currently still improving the performance of collection and deck as some user reported that it is too slow for daily use.

The app still have a relative low number of user in iOS and Android platform. If you think this app is helpful, please help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players. If you think the app is not working as it intended, please report to us via in-app feedback or drop us an e-mail or tweet any time.


End of Support

  • Windows Store will no longer offer Windows Phone 8.1 app starting on 1st of July 2019. If you are running Windows 10 Mobile, make sure you installed Bugko – MTG Tools instead of Bugko.
  • We will be slowly phasing out our support on older Windows 10. Make sure you update your Windows device (at least Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) to continue receive the latest update of the app.
  • We will be slowly phasing out support on older iOS device that is running on iOS 9. Make sure you update your iOS device (at least iOS 10) to continue receive the latest update of the app.

Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page or tweet to us @bugkoapp.



  • [Bug] Fix news time is not showing in local time zone.
  • [Bug] Fix slowness issue in deck details when price is loading.
  • [Bug] Fix some time individual price or collection count is not showing correctly in deck details.
  • [Bug] Fix no loading animation when refresh decklist in tournament page.
  • [Bug] Fix life counter doesn’t increase or decrease when press after changing color on iOS platform.
  • [Bug] Fix Dropbox sync is not working in Android and UWP platform.
  • [Bug] Fix sync status is not updated correctly in Android Oreo and above.

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