5.7.4 Update: Minor Update + Bugs Fix

We have another new news channel added. Please welcome Cards Realm. Remember to click the subscribe button if you want to receive the latest information and update from those sites. Some minor update on the card database which include Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition and Canadian Highlander banlist update.

Thank you everyone who actively support and report problem they found in the app. The app still have a relative low number of user in iOS and Android platform. If you think this app is helpful, please help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players.


Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page or tweet to us @bugkoapp.



  • [Update] Add Cards Realm into news channel list.
  • [Update] Update cards database to include Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition.
  • [Update] Update banlist for Canadian Highlander format.
  • [Bug] Fix build-in web browser scrolling problem when enter or exit full screen on Android, Windows Phone and UWP platform.
  • [Bug] Fix commander counter isn’t working correctly in 3 or 4 players mode on iOS platform.

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