5.7.0 Update: Guilds of Ravnica + Bookmark + Improved Search

It has been a while since our last update and we have a lot to share this time. Let’s start with card database update. Guilds of Ravnica is now added. As usual, in the next coming week, we will add related promo card from Guilds of Ravnica as well. We also improved our search user interface. You can now use AND / OR / NOT / EXACT search condition for card name and card ability too. Long press to change the search condition is not good enough? Now condition can easily change by clicking on the icon instead.

News bookmark feature is ready to help saved those news to read later. We make bookmark and share super easy, click one click away. You should be able to notice this feature once you launched the app. You will even enjoy better reading news / article with the build-in web browser because it now come with auto full screen mode which hide the title bar on top.

We have 3 new MTG sites added into the news channel list in this release: Cool Stuff Inc, Card Knock Life and Moxes. Thanks for our users who suggested them to us. Remember to click the subscribe button if you want to receive the latest information and update from those sites. After some consideration, we are sad to announced that Black Border, Judge Life and MTGO Academy will be removed from the list in this release as they aren’t update for the last 12 months. To ensure our user have the great experience, we will constantly monitor and update the news channel list as we move forward.

Monitoring your or your team member DCI pro point? Profile now track and show pro point as well. We will make some adjustment once the pro point switch to seasonal instead of yearly. Special thanks for players who help us test this feature.

This update also bring some great news for judges. Magic Tournament Rule (MTR) is now baked into the database. This mean MTR can be search and view inside the app just like IPG and CR. We also manage to fix some bugs found in IPG and CR that you might not even notice them. Release notes for Guilds of Ravnica is also added in the document sections.

Phew, that is a long post. Even that, we still can’t even cover all the changes, enchantment and bug fix we bring in this update. If you are interested, please read the changelog for the full details. Enjoy the Guilds of Ravnica pre-release event this coming week end. The app still have a relative low number of user in iOS and Android platform. If you think this app is helpful, please help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players.


Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page or tweet to us @bugkoapp.



  • [New] Add bookmark feature into news.
  • [New] Add searchable Magic Tournament Rules (MTR) feature.
  • [New] Add AND / OR / NOT / EXACT search condition for card name and card ability for card search feature.
  • [New] Add lifetime and yearly pro point for DCI profile.
  • [Enhancement] Share news directly from home page or news page with a single click.
  • [Enhancement] Subscribe or change notification setting for each channel in news page with a single click.
  • [Enhancement] Redesign the subscribe and notification enable / disable button and made it reflect user changes immediately instead.
  • [Enhancement] Prevent home page from reloading the news list while user view news back and forward.
  • [Enhancement] Card search edition now load all sets automatically as user scroll down without need to click show all sets.
  • [Enhancement] Switch card search AND / OR / NOT / EXACT condition easier by clicking on the icon.
  • [Enhancement] Show selected search condition on top of the list when filter and remember the selection even when user click back.
  • [Enhancement] Add menu to copy DCI number and open DCI profile page directly in browser.
  • [Enhancement] Automatically hide title bar when using build-in web browser.
  • [Enhancement] Optimize news image loading to limit image size and fix potential memory leak.
  • [Enhancement] Slightly improve the performance of activity rendering on Android platform.
  • [Update] Update cards database to include Guilds of Ravnica.
  • [Update] Add Cool Stuff Inc, Card Knock Life and Moxes into news channel list.
  • [Update] Add Guilds of Ravnica release note to Documents.
  • [Update] Remove Black Border, Judge Life and MTGO Academy from channel list.
  • [Changes] News channels now sorted by subscription then follow by name.
  • [Changes] Slightly reduce the font size on Android platform.
  • [Bug] Fix DCI point update too frequently in the first 24 hours and then stop.
  • [Bug] Fix filter in comp rules and IPG still highlight some text when the filter is empty on iOS platform.
  • [Bug] Fix card search name and ability suggestion are not showing correctly or working correctly on iOS platform.
  • [Bug] Fix comp rule list jump to the top when scrolling and there are more comp rule to load into list.
  • [Bug] Fix turn-based action incorrectly marked under upkeep step instead of draw step in turn structure reference.
  • [Bug] Fix build in web browser crash when navigate to an invalid URL linked in article web page.
  • [Bug] Fix crash when click on random option in card search on UWP platform.
  • [Bug] Fix potential crash when confirmation dialog was clicked more than once on Android platform.
  • [Bug] Fix life counter crash when running on iOS 10 or lower.
  • [Bug] Fix long press menu on profile show many non-useable option on iOS platform.

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