5.3.4 & 5.3.5 Update: Bugs Fix

We would like to apologize for any inconvenient caused by our last update especially on iOS that wiped the collection in Binder and Wish. We are working our best to release update and fix as quickly as we can to address all issues reported to us. It is very challenging for us to support all platforms at the same time. We appreciate all the help and bug reported summited to us. If you have any problem or question regarding the app, feel free to contact us anytime.

The app still have a relative low number of user in iOS and Android platform. If you think this app is helpful, please help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players.


Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page.



  • [Bug] Fix Rivals of Ixalan: Promo is showing the incorrect cards.
  • [Bug] Fix syntax search auto-complete doesn’t return the correct set code.
  • [Bug] Fix collection is not showing the correct variation when open in Card Details.
  • [Bug] Fix potential problem with card search result doesn’t load the next batch of result when scroll down.
  • [Bug] Fix view state doesn’t preserve when rotating phone orientation on Android platform.
  • [Bug] Fix crash when clipboard try to show more characters than the memory can handle on Windows Phone platform.
  • [Bug] Fix crash when searching in Trade page on UWP and Windows Phone platform.


  • [Bug] Fix random card is open instead when search found one card result in Binder, Trade or Wish.
  • [Bug] Fix collection in Binder, Trade and Wish got deleted when upgrade database on iOS platform.

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