5.3.0 – 5.3.2 Update: Masters 25 + Collection Redesign

Did you enjoy Masters 25 spoilers? Although the master set will be released on 16 March, we already have our database ready for you in the latest update. All with TCGPlayer and Magic Card Market price ready.

This update also bring binder, trade and wish features into iOS and UWP platform. It can easily help keep track of your collection and wish list on the go. Got cards with artist signed? altered art? mint? heavily played? Japanese languages? foil or not foil? Bugko can help you keep track of all those minor details without worry. Android and Windows Phone platform will also have the new redesign user interface on those 3 features as well.

The news channel will add another 2 new members base on our users’ recommendation: The Rogue Deckbuilder and Eternal Magic. Remember to click subscribe in News page in order to receive the latest update from those channels. If you have any website you would like to recommend, feel free to drop us a message.

Due to unexpected problem in database during the automatically database copy, some data are missing and we are forced to release a quick update version to address this issue. We released another version to address the performance issue in binder, trade and wish as we want everyone have the best user experience using the app. Many thanks to one of our users who notice the problem and quickly inform us about the problem.


Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page.



  • [New] Add binder, trade and wish feature on iOS and UWP platform.
  • [Update] Update cards database to include Masters 25.
  • [Update] Add The Rogue Deckbuilder and Eternal Magic into news channel list.
  • [Enhancement] Redesign binder, trade and wish user interface on Android and Windows Phone platform.
  • [Enhancement] Support multi-languages card name search in binder, trade and wish filter search.
  • [Enhancement] Smoother the scrolling experience in Card Search Result by only load more cards result when scrolling is idle.
  • [Bug] Fix card search doesn’t return cards which never printed in non-English language if multiple languages search is enabled.
  • [Bug] Fix card search result may only return partial search result after sorting.
  • [Bug] Fix card search with mana generate condition doesn’t return the correct result if match all color or exclude unselected color is used.
  • [Bug] Fix remove all conditions in Card Search page doesn’t actually remove the condition but only reset the count.
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect timestamps for news show in app due to incorrect conversion in database.
  • [Bug] Fix unable to retrieve card price from TCGPlayer for Unstable and Rival of Ixalan basic lands.
  • [Bug] Fix Draft Timer crash when open on UWP platform when running on Windows 10 Mobile.


  • [Bug] Fix missing Type, Artist, Ability, Watermark and some other suggestion in Card Search.


  • [Bug] Fix performance issue on Binder, Trade and Binder when user filter or try to add card.
  • [Bug] Fix crash when selecting a quantity from quantity list in Card Set page.

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