5.2.0 Update: Multi-Languages Card Search & Draft Timer Improvement

Introducing multi-languages search where you can search card name using the languages you want. This feature is requested by many users who own and play Magic in language other than English. It can be a very challenging when looking for a card you know it’s name in specify language but you totally forget it’s name in English.

The feature is off by default and can turn it on in the settings. For your information, syntax search is not supported in non-English search. Once you type the card name in search, auto-complete will kick in and suggest card name accordingly. This should make search using any language much easier.


One of the most popular feature among judges is the Draft Timer. It has receive many feedbacks and comments about how it can help judges during their draft call since the other apps they previously using was no longer support it. With all feedbacks and suggestions, we have make some adjustment / improvement on the Draft Timer. We have removed the 2 seconds countdown when a pick started / ended which many found it confusing. Now user will have full control when the timer start. The animation will also animated according to user input. When draft progress or user click next, the animation will be right to left. If user click previous, the animation will be left to right. No more confusing jumping back and fore animation.





Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page.




  • [New] Multi-languages card name search and auto-complete feature.
  • [Update] Update some news channels with their latest icons.
  • [Update] Remove MTG Card Market from news channel list.
  • [Changes] Remove auto countdown timer before and after each pick and let user fully control the flow in Draft Timer.
  • [Enhancement] Draft timer animation to animate according to the draft progress to prevent confusion.
  • [Enhancement] Improve performance of Card Search Result page to show and respond faster on Android platform.
  • [Bug] Fix Team Rochester Draft timer incorrectly label player pick in 7th pack.
  • [Bug] Fix autocard tag left over in some cards’ rulings.
  • [Bug] Fix Go button on software keyboard doesn’t trigger search when typing on the search text box on iOS platform.
  • [Bug] Fix overlapping text / button in Call for Review on iOS platform.
  • [Bug] Fix animation is not consistently animated on iOS platform.

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