5.1.3 Update: CR, MTR & IPG Update

A new year, new set release, new standard ban list, which mean a bunch of judge documents and database got updated. We are keeping track all those document and list to make sure judges and players have the latest documents and rules for their references. Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedure Guide all have updated. We also rebuild the whole database due to the oracle and type changes in some of the cards we mention in previous post. Yes, all oracle text you get from the app is the latest and fresh from gatherer.

Standard banlist is updated. Bye bye Attune with Aether, Rogue Refiner, Rampaging Ferocidon and Ramunap Ruins. Next, all silver border cards are expired in Commander format, so settle down Commander players. Last, Leviathan Commander banned Emrakul, The Promised End. No more Emrakul in that format.

Looking for Rivals of Ixalan promo cards? The cards database is also updated with Rivals of Ixalan promo set. You should be able get the latest pricing directly from TCGPlayer and MagicCardMarket directly from the app.

News channel have a new member: Cardhoarder. Get their team update and podcast update directly from the app today. We also lost a member. Magic Spoiler will be no longer available in the app as we shared in our last post.

We also done some enhancement on that app such as choose to search using OR / AND condition in card search feature, optimizing the image for Windows platform, better keyboard type for iOS platform and etc. Remember, you can help us by recommending this app to your friends and help us reach to more players.




Support / Connect with Us

Found a bug / problem / suggestion for us. Please write to us directly or message us through our Facebook fans page.




  • [Update] Update cards database to include Rivals of Ixalan: Promo and new cards in Judge Promo.
  • [Update] Rebuild cards database for some oracle text / type change introduced in Rivals of Ixalan.
  • [Update] Update Standard, Commander and Leviathan Commander banlist list
  • [Update] Update CR, and IPG in database.
  • [Update] Update CR, MTR and IPG documents.
  • [Update] Add Cardhoarder into news channel list.
  • [Update] Remove Magic Spoiler from news channel list
  • [Changes] Card type properties will now default add as AND condition instead of OR condition in Card Search.
  • [Enhancement] Enable card search properties to choose between OR / AND condition in context menu.
  • [Enhancement] Optimize image depend on screen size on UWP and Windows Phone platform.
  • [Enhancement] Optimize the keyboard type, predictive suggestion to give user a better screen space and typing experience in iOS platform.

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