Removal of Magic Spoiler from News Channel

We are sad to announced that Magic Spoiler will be removed from Bugko. You may have notice that the app no longer receive any spoiler / news update from Magic Spoiler since Rivals of Ixalan spoiler season started. This is because Magic Spoiler decided to block our server’s IP address from accessing their spoiler / news / website. No reason was given.

We have tried to contact with them multiple times to understand and resolve the issue, but so far they never replied our message. It is a sad decision and a big lost for our users. We respect each website owner’s decision, even though we can easy workaround the problem by changing our server’s IP address.

From next version release, players won’t be able to access previous spoilers / news in Magic Spoiler from the app nor you can receive any spoiler / news from them. We are still open to the possibility of working together with Magic Spoiler if they wish to talk with us any time in the future.

You can still get all your spoiler real time update with notification from MTG Salvation and Mythic Spoiler.

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